Doctor On Call

With the ongoing pandemic, it is difficult for senior citizens to step out of their homes and visit a doctor especially in a hospital where chances of getting infected are very high.

Doctor on Call is one such service under Actage which will enable the elderly to book an appointment and consult an expert over a video call right from the convenience of their home. This will also give them a chance to get immediate answers to all their health- related questions, anytime of the day without having to spend hours in a crowded waiting room.



It’s a hassle to go out and buy medicines. Especially when the covid infection rates are on a splurge, it's hard to find someone else who can do the job for you.


With Actage, you get the convenience of buying and getting medicines delivered to your doorstep. You can easily upload your prescription on our app and easily avoid the pain of going out.


going to the hospital for diagnostics and a routine checkup, and then waiting for hours just to get slot booking for the tests is stressful and tiring

Actage provides you the service of booking slots for diagnostic tests in various hospitals in your city, conveniently through your app. We have partnered with various diagnostic centers, and provide you the option for 2 packages which will save your time and energy of otherwise leaving your house.



the first thing that people think of when any mishap occurs, is the ambulance. But sadly, contacting them at the time of need often turns out to be more painstaking than one could expect.


We have made the ambulance service as simple as booking a cab! Actage allows you not only to call an ambulance with a few taps on the app, but it also allows you to do live tracking of the vehicle and information like the name of the drive, etc., and ensures that you receive medical assistance at the earliest.


With so many hospitals now emerging in the city, it's hard to choose the right one and sometimes you’re completely unaware of the best healthcare centers in town

We have made the entire process straightforward and effortless as now with our app, you have all the information you need at your fingertips. In merely a few seconds, you can receive all the information such as hospital contact details, beds available, etc.